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The 10 Greatest Tunes for Whistling in the Bathroom

10. Black Sabbath – “Iron Man“ Which: The famous intro/verse. 9. The Beatles – “Day Tripper“ Which: The guitar hook. 8. Oasis – “Hey Now“ Which: The vocals, verse. 7. Van Halen – “Jump“ Which: The famed synthesizer intro. 6. Nirvana – “Lithium“ Which: The vocals. May or may not include the infamous, surreal growlings … Continue reading

Playlist 2

Playlist minggu ini; Led Zeppelin – “The Rover“: Roxy Music – “Re-Make/Re-Model“: Buckethead – “Soothsayer“: The Beatles – “Revolution“: Motörhead – “The Road Crew“: Rie Tanaka – “Anarchy in the U.K. (Sex Pistols cover)“: Silakan direview.

On Led Zeppelin

“Never before in the history of human conflict had so much semen been implanted in so many by so few.” — David Cavanagh, “The World’s Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Scandals”