Real Betis Days

Pro Evo Soccer 2009‘s BAL mode is not known for its clever, realistic AIs. Should you take some time to lurk around the online community, this would seem to be the most common complaint — your teammates are not programmed to cooperate with you.

* * *

Meet Syamsul Bahri: in mid-2011, the former West Ham man’s 30-plus goals brought the London club its first ever Premiership win, allowing him to lift the golden boot and appear in Europe’s (and later the world’s) All-Star winning eleven squad. Three weeks afterwards, the club fired him for bad disciplinary records. True to his tradition of eccentricity Bahri’s next stop was the Spanish minnow Real Betis.

This however turned out to be his harshest start yet. Seven goals (and seven MOMs) in five games are impressive, but those were earned by blood, sweat and tears.

Quick random example! You team is down 0-1 and a goal is needed. Where would you pass?


(Now let’s just pretend that the defender actually got the ball afterwards. 🙂 )


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